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Imam Sadr Scholarship

For the second year, Hope Social Foundation is honored to announce Imam Sadr Scholarship Competition, for students who have completed high school or first year college and are in good standing and performance.

There will be scholarships for high school students for first year college students participating students must:

1- Be a USA residents and study in accredited programs.

2- Complete high school and first year college with a GPA of three and above.

3- Complete the application form on Hope Social Foundation website: hopesocial-usa.com .

4- Write a two-page essay about any of the following:

*Imam Moussa Sadr vision about solving social problems in the country.

*Imam Moussa Sadr humanitarian efforts to help needy and deprived people in Lebanon.

*Imam Moussa Sadr vision to solve the Lebanese crisis during the Lebanese civil war.

Application process starts on May 25 2023 and ends August 15 of 2023.

Hope Social Foundation will announce the winners during its annual ceremony about abduction of Imam Sadr.

Note total number of scholarships and amount will be revealed later in June on hope Facebook page.

منح الإمام موسى الصدر الدراسية